SERU Assessment FAQ's

What is the SERU exam?

It is a test all existing and future London Private Hire drivers need to pass in order to remain or become licensed.
The SERU assessment is a computer-based test that must be taken at one of Transport for London's (TfL) examination centres. The SERU assessment is made up of multiple-choice questions and sentence completion (drag & drop) questions.

What does SERU stand for?

Safety, equality and regulatory understanding.

Do all London Licensed Private Hire Drivers need to pass the SERU Assessment?

Yes, all existing and future licensed private hire drivers in London will need to pass the SERU assessment at some stage without any exceptions. Anyone who applies for a new PHV driver's licence on or after 1 April 2023 will be required to take and pass both the SERU assessment and the English language speaking and listening test before they can be licensed.

Do I need to pass the SERU Assessment?

If you are a London Licensed Private Hire driver then you will need to take the SERU assessment at some stage.
If you want to become one from 01/04/2023 you will be required to take and pass the SERU assessment before your licence is issued.

Does the SERU Assessment replace the TfL's English Language Requirement (ELR)?

If you have not submitted any evidence for English Language Requirement or if you have and TfL has not accepted it - then the SERU assessment will replace parts of the old requirement. You may be also required to pass the new Speaking & Listening test to prove that your language skills are at the required level.

How to book your SERU Assessment?

SERU Assessment cannot be booked. TfL will invite you for the SERU assessment. You will receive an assessment date and examination centre location together with all other relevant information by EMAIL at some stage before 30/03/2025.

Where do I take the SERU Assessment?

All TfL SERU Assessments are held at Transport for London's examination centres. Full details will be provided in the SERU invitation email.

How much is the SERU Assessment?

SERU assessment will cost £36 when taken for the first time and £16 for a re-sit.  Only one resit is allowed. If you fail twice you will need to reapply for your private hire licence and pay the FULL TfL licensing fees again.

What is the duration of the SERU Assessment?

The SERU exam is 45 minutes and is taken in exam condition at a TfL examination centre.

What is the SERU Assessment deadline?

Current SERU Exam deadline dates:

30 September 2024 - for everyone who applied between 01/10/2021 and 31/03/2023 as well as those whose ELR evidence was not accepted

31 March 2025 - All drivers licensed before 30/09/2021 whose ELR evidence was previously accepted

1 April 2023 onwards - ALL New applicants after this date will need to pass the SERU assessment before getting licensed

How many questions are there on the SERU Assessment?

The SERU assessment consists of 37 questions

Multi-choice Questions 18
Reading & Understanding 2
Drag & Drop Questions (sentence completion) 17

What is the SERU Assessment pass mark?

SERU Assessment PASS MARK is 60%

Is the SERU Assessment a computer based exam?

Yes, SERU Assessment is a computer based exam - you will need to be able to use a computer and mouse.

How can I prepare for the SERU assessment?

The SERU assessment is based on the TfL's Private Hire Vehicle Driver handbook but in most cases the handbook is not enough to pass!
Practice is key to your success just like with the driving licence practical test - you can read the Highway Code but you will not know what to exactly expect on your actual exam without good preparation.
Our SERU Assessment Online course has it all - learning materials and multiple mock tests with real exam questions.
Most importantly you will be familiar with the sentence completion tasks - and this is the part where most drivers struggle without completing our online training.