When to pass the SERU Assessment?

How to book the TfL SERU Test?
Feb 27 / seru.co.uk
Both existing drivers and new applicants often ask when will they be required to pass the SERU Assessment.

New applicants: (Updated 01/04/2023)

After you apply for a PHV driver's licence, TfL will invite you to pass the SERU, Speaking & Listening and Topographical assessments. You cannot book any of these assessments yourself. 
You will receive an email or a letter from TfL with the assessments date.
Applicants are currently required to pass all three assessments on the same day and are allowed one resit per assessment. 
Anyone who fails any of these assessments twice will be required to submit a new application.

Existing drivers:

Things are slightly different for drivers who are already licensed but you can check the deadlines on the flowchart below