New TfL licensing requirements 1st July 2024

New rules for London Private Hire Drivers from 1st July 2024
Jul 1 /
Following earlier consultations, new TfL regulations are coming into force.
Some changes were introduced in February 2024 (Dbs update service registration) while it is now time for further changes to go live.
These will affect both PHV Drivers and PHV Operators.

List of changes that came into force from 1st July 2024:

1. Self reporting

Licensed taxi drivers, PHV drivers and PHV operators must notify TfL about any arrest and release, charge, caution or conviction within 48 hours. This includes all driving
offences resulting in penalty points on your DVLA driving licence.
When an offence is dealt with by a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN), you must notify TfL within 48 hours of accepting the FPN and paying any associated fine.

To make the process easier you can use TfL's Self Reporting online form which can be found HERE or simply contact them by email -

It is worth noting that the implementation is different depending on whether you are 
a taxi or PHV licensee due to the differences in the legislation:

- For all taxi drivers, this requirement will take immediate effect from 1 July 2024,

- For PHV drivers, all licences granted on or after 1 July 2024 will include a condition requiring them to inform us within 48 hours,

- PHV drivers with a licence granted before 1 July 2024 are strongly encouraged to comply with the 48-hour requirement.
The 48-hour requirement will be added as a
licensing condition on the driver’s next licence,

- For all individuals associated with a PHV operator’s licence, this requirement will 
take immediate effect from 1 July 2024.

2. Complaints signage

All licensed vehicles (taxis and PHVs) must display new signage with information about how to make a complaint to TfL and important safety information.
The new signage will start being installed in taxis and PHVs at the annual licensing inspections from summer 2024.

3. Overseas criminal checks (CoGC) 

All new and renewing applicants for taxi and PHV driver licences 
and PHV operator licences who have lived in a country other than the UK for one or more continuous periods of three months or more in the last 10 years, must complete a Living Abroad Details form (TPH/205).
Periods of extended holidays are i
New and renewing applicants will be asked to produce a Certificate of Good Conduct (CoGC) from every relevant country to cover the period declared in the form

More information is provided in TfL's Certificate of Good Conduct guidance document
that helps licensees to determine whether there are periods you need to declare or how to apply for a CoGC.

4. PHV Operator DBS checks

All individuals associated with a PHV operator’s licence must
provide a basic DBS check when:

• Applying for their first PHV operator’s licence
• Within 28 days of the anniversary of the start date of their licence each year
• Applying to renew their PHV operator’s licence 

Any individual who is currently licensed by TfL as a taxi or private hire driver does 
not need to provide a basic DBS check, as they will have already provided TfL with an enhanced DBS check

5. PHV operator booking and dispatch staff 

All PHV operators must now keep and maintain a register of booking 
and dispatch staff.
Entries in the register must be retained for 12 months from the
date any individual was last available to take bookings or dispatch vehicles.They must also obtain basic DBS checks on all staff on the register.

6. PHV operator booking records

Following additional information must be recorded in the
booking records:
• The name of any individual that responded to the booking request
• The name of any individual that dispatched the vehicle
• The PHV licence number of the driver carrying out the booking
• The vehicle registration mark of the vehicle used to carry out the booking 

7. Licensing requirements and policies

Where appropriate, when there are changes in licensing requirements, TfL will review 
the licences already issued and wherever possible, they will apply any new licensing policies immediately.