How to register for the DBS Update Service

What is and how to register for the DBS Update Service?
Jan 22 / SERU.CO.UK
All applicants for a taxi or PHV driver's licence, both new and renewal will be required to provide evidence of registration with the DBS Update Service from 26th February 2024.
Transport for London states that licences will not be issued unless evidence of registration is provided.


You can only register for the DBS Update service within 30 days from your DBS Certificate issue date. Late registrations will not not be possible and you will have to submit a new DBS application so we do recommend to register soon as possible to avoid any additional costs.

When to register?

You can register for the DBS Update service as soon as you receive your E-reference number by email - there is no need to wait for the certificate to be issued - once you receive your DBS certificate by post it will be added automatically to your DBS Update account.

What should you do with your DBS Certificate

Keep it safe! TfL may ask for photos of all pages of your DBS Certificate.

How much does it cost?

DBS Update service subscription costs £13 per year. This can be paid for only by debit or credit card.

What is the DBS Update service?

Normally a DBS was required as part of any new application and then every 3 years upon licence renewal.
Licence holders were required to immediately report any warnings, cautions and convictions to TfL but drivers often failed to do so and continued working despite changes in their criminal history until their next renewal.
TfL introduced the DBS Update service to cover this loophole and to improve passenger safety.
Once a driver registers for the DBS Update service TfL will be able to regularly check his DBS status - so if anything is added to his DBS file - TfL would know before having to wait for the next renewal.

What is the difference between the TfL PHV Driver DBS application and the DBS Update service?

It is worth noting that DBS application and DBS Update service are two different things.
First as part of your application you must complete a DBS application on this
Once you receive an email with the application E-reference number you may then proceed to the DBS Update service website and complete the registration. You may also wait for your DBS certificate to arrive by post and then register with the DBS Update service within 30 days from the issue date on your certificate.

How to register for the DBS Update Service?

Step 1

Step 2

Tick the box and click "Continue"

Step 3

Step 4

Tick the box and click "Continue"

Step 5

Enter your card details, tick the box and click "Continue"
Step 6

Following successful registration you will receive an email from the DBS Update service with your Update Service ID starting with letter "C" - keep this safe as you will be asked for it as part of a new or renewal application.