Introduction of the TfL SERU Assessment

Jan 10 /

How it all started?

On 1 October 2021 Transport for London announced that with the recommendations of the Department for Transport, a new requirement called SERU assessment was introduced to replace the ELR (English language requirement).
Many drivers thought that the new exam would only apply to new applicants and drivers who did not meet the previous requirements, but to their surprise – all TfL licensed Private Hire Drivers will need to pass SERU.
The aim of the new exam is to raise the level of knowledge about regulations and to increase the safety of both drivers and passengers.
If you are a London Private Hire driver or looking to become one and are stressed out by the new SERU assessment you've come to the right place.
The platform will help you familiarize yourself with the assessment format, questions and guide you through all the exam pitfalls. (it will surely enrich your knowledge)

Our experts are former TFL assessors, people who have been examining and preparing us drivers for the topographical exams and for other private hire trade related exams throughout their lives.
They also conducted effective preparation courses for the largest companies in London such as Lewis Day, Addison Lee, Green Tomato, and many others.
If you think that there is no solution for the new SERU assessment introduced by TFL, sit back and explore the platform.
How will help private hire drivers?

Here's what you get ...
✔️  You learn whenever you want, where you want and as much as you want
✔️  The platform will guide you through over 700 exam questions
✔️  Thanks to the platform you will learn a lot of tips about questions and confusing answers so that nothing will surprise you
✔️  You will build your confidence and lower exam related stress levels
Ask yourself one most important question:
The future of your licence and career depends on the result of this assessment so can you afford the risk of not buying the course and being unprepared?

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Thank you!