New Organisation ID for TfL DBS CRB

Update on TfL's DBS organisation ID for PCO applicants and renewals
Sep 4 /
Important DBS changes from 7 September 2023 - affecting all PHV Driver licence applicants and renewals.

TfL's approved DBS service provider First Advantage has replaced their "OnlineDisclosures" platform with the new "KnowYourPeople" platform.

This change will not impact any ongoing applications that are still waiting for a DBS check outcome. 

From 7 September 2023 all applicants (both new and renewal) that require a new DBS check must create a new user account on the ‘KnowYourPeople’ application platform via the following link:
As before, as part of this process, applicants will have 30 days to validate their ID documents at the Post Office.

When applying for a DBS check online it is necessary to enter an ‘Organisation ID’ 
and ‘Access Code’.
From 7 September 2023 these will be: 

New Applications

Organisation ID

Access Code

Renewal Applications

Organisation ID


Access Code


How much does a TfL approved DBS cost?

The cost of TfL approved DBS is still £53.42 if you do it online however you will now need to pay this before completing your online application rather than paying at the post office.

Can I use other/cheaper DBS providers?

You can find a lot of websites offering cheaper and faster DBS options but these are not approved by TfL and such certificates will not be accepted so you will not only lose your money but also your licence could not be renewed on time.

Why did TfL change their DBS provider?

TfL's DBS provider remains unchanged however they have moved to a newer and more advanced platform called "KnowYourPeople".
The most significant change is that DBS payments will no longer be taken at the postoffice but online during the application process.
Also you will no longer need to print the Verification forms as new forms will contain easily scannable QR codes to simplify the process.