How to Reschedule SERU Assessment?

How to change your SERU Assessment date?
May 5 /
Private Hire Drivers in London who need to take their SERU Assessment cannot just book it by contacting TfL.
Instead they must wait to be invited for the assessment and cannot choose a specific date that suits them.

This may lead to situations where drivers are unable to attend SERU because they have other plans, holidays or appointments on the same day.

Remember! You must notify TfL if you are unable to attend SERU Assessment.

The best way to do so is by emailing the TfL Driver Assessments Team at (remember to include your licence or DAPP reference number in the subject field).

SERU Assessment Cancellation Limit

Previously TfL only allowed one cancellation per attempt.
This meant that you had to attend the new assessment date, or it would count towards 1 of the 2 chances you had to complete and pass the SERU assessment.
This information was removed from TfL cancellation emails in April 2024.

TfL Driver Assessments Team email: