Has TfL cancelled the SERU Exam?

Was SERU Assessment scrapped by the Mayor of London just before the elections? NO - read the post for more information.
Jan 17 / SERU.CO.UK

Many of you may have seen London Mayor Sadiq Khan's recent tweet about the SERU exam and believed that it has been cancelled.

We have received many enquiries from drivers on this subject and the answer is clear - the SERU exam has not been cancelled - there will be some changes but only for a specific group of drivers.  

What changes are to be expected?  

At the moment, the exam itself will remain unchanged. However, TfL have decided that they will allow a certain group of drivers (explained below) to use the driver's handbook when taking the test – this is to be called “open book seru”.  

TfL are also considering updating the test to include more questions directly related to real life situations and claim that “seru is not and has never intended to be a memory test”  

Who will be affected?

A recent notice from TfL clarifies that only Group 1 drivers will be affected by the upcoming changes.  

The key point of the change is that TfL will NOT take licensing action against drivers who have taken and failed the SERU assessment twice.   

We feel that this is rather a political move ahead of the upcoming London Mayor elections to win more votes among drivers by giving them another chance to pass their SERU assessment with the driver's handbook instead of revoking their licenses.

Groups explained:

Group 1

Anyone who did not provide ELR evidence by 30 September 2021 and had to pass the SERU and ELR assessments by 30 September 2023.
Group 1 drivers will be given the opportunity to pass their SERU assessment with the PHV Driver Handbook (Open book assessment). 
TfL have clarified that most drivers in this group have already passed their SERU assessment but those that did not pass will not have any licensing action taken against them.  

Group 2

Anyone who provided evidence for ELR but TfL did not accept their evidence. 
This group will still be required to pass the SERU assessment by 30 September 2024        

Group 3

Anyone who provided evidence for the ELR and TfL accepted their evidence. 
This group will still need to pass the SERU assessment but they have until 31 March 2025 to do so.  

Group 4

Anyone who applied for their PHV drivers’ licence after 1 October 2021 will need to pass both the SERU assessment and English Speaking & Listening test by 30 September 2024.  

Do I still need to pass the SERU Assessment?

Yes, all existing and new private hire drivers will still need to pass the SERU assessment. 
The changes to the SERU assessment may be introduced in the upcoming months and we will keep you updated.
Most importantly you still need to prepare for the SERU assessment even if you have PHV Driver Handbook with you at the test.  

No licensing action against PHV drivers’ who did not pass the SERU exam

This does not mean you can forget about the SERU assessment -  you will still need to pass it.
If you ignore TfL’s invitation to attend the SERU assessment they can still take licensing action against you, so it is best to attend the exam even if you feel that you might fail.
At least you know you will still be able to continue working and later attend the assessment again once invited by TfL.