All new PCO applicants must pass the SERU Assessment

New requirement in place - new PHV driver licence applicants must pass SERU before a licence can be issued
Apr 1 /
If you are looking to become a licensed PHV driver in London and work for Uber, Bolt or one of hundreds of other licensed operators in London you must apply for a PHV licence with TfL.

From 01/04/2023 the requirements have changed and you will not only be required to pass a topographical assessment but will also need to pass the SERU Assessment and Speaking & Listening assessments at a TfL exam centre before a licence can be issued.

Anyone who applied before this date will be required to pass these additional assessments at a later stage.
More information can be found in our previous posts.

What is the SERU Assessment?

It is a test all existing and future London Private Hire drivers need to pass in order to remain or become licensed.

The SERU assessment is a computer-based test that must be taken at one of Transport for London's (TfL) examination centres. The SERU assessment is made up of multiple-choice questions and sentence completion (drag & drop) questions.